For over a decade now the peasants that call themselves the government ‘elect’ have been conspiring to change the way we think, change the way we act and change the way we love each other. Friends, this Turkish government isn’t, and has never been a democracy - and never will be. 

From what started out by a protest against the demolishing of Gezi Park- symbolically, the equivalent of a Hyde Park to turn it into the 95th shopping centre these peasants have built in their power; has now turned into a full-blown protest against the government.

While the fucking faceless PIGS bend over for the government firing plastic and rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons upon OUR people, the army passes out gas masks to civilians in the name of Ataturk.

Everyone from shoe cleaners to a-list celebrities have joined in facing up and acting against these fascist fucks that call themselves a democratic government, because life is too short to be bullied, controlled, harassed and told to shutup.

What’s even worse - is that even Turkish news outlets aren’t showing this on TV. Dictatorship was always their plan. 

But they fucked with the wrong type of people because ATATURKCUYUZ BIZ.

We live in a world whereby everything is obtainable and even the rarest of things, obtainable, within a matter of weeks - most of the time days.

Which is why ‘old-fashioned’ sneaker stores and clothes store’s are struggling.  

There seems to be two types of labels in the world of fashion these days - the global goliath’s which every knowns of - and the boutique labels which still have the ability to create worldwide impact.

How?  3 reasons.  

They always offer a-class quality fucking product within the range.  In-store decor/design has to be legit, refreshing and unique.  And of course the people who work their have to be a reflection of all of the above.  

Hype DC is confusing though - it does good job at these traits, but something just seems to be missing.  And that’s a sense of stret-cred, a true depiction of the culture within the culture.

All pics thanks to thisashaunted.

Over and out.

Really dig what Brooklyn Nets are doing over in NYC for everyone in their community.  

It’s unreal how the new team in the city seems to be bringing so many people from different paths together to unite.  

Best part has to be the Nets hittin the streets and throwing a day for everyone to join in and educate them on what the Nets has to offer.  

Once again shows that sport has no boundaries when it comes to bringing from all walks of life together for one purpose.


Somethin amazing happened in the world of Cinema this year.  I’m not talking about the amount of record breaking blockbuster’s that have hit the screens but one that debuted on Youtube at the same time as it did cinemas.

Director Asgar Leth and actor Mads Mikkelson (Le Chiffre from Casino Royale) have achieved the creation of this project called 'Move On - The road movie inspired by you' with the aid of everyday people offering inspiration from all different angles.

This meant collaborating between brands and their customers - essentially the viewers, in every step of the process developing how the movie is shaped and formed from start to finish.

Everything from the poster to the score to the cinematography, Deutsche Telekom partnered up with their media agency, MediaCom to ask DT customers if they wanted to be part in the entire process of creating a movie.  

To be honest, it’s turned out to be a pretty damn good!  

Solid way for Deutsche Telekom to align their brand with ‘Life is for Sharing’.  

Carson Catlin bringin the heat with his take on toys.

From what he says started out as just a hobby in ‘10 has turned into worldwide recognition now; with his pieces being dropped at a few different store, including Kidrobot.

Posting a few of his pieces here to see the details that goes into each one of these bad boys, gotta give it up to the thread, really like the vibe with those ones.  Few of the characters might be familiar but he also takes on commissioned projects for somethin a bit more unique and ltd.

Big up, dig the technical simplicity on these.

'Planned Cities from Space' -

Our civilization never ceases to mesmerize, we seem to create the most complex of creations for the purpose of ‘efficiency’ or simply aesthetics.  

Coming across this series of satellite images on Wired magazine puts a few things into perspective.  For thousands of years we’ve evolved faster than any other species on Earth.  We create cities that home millions with the ability to plan them so from space they appear to be artwork.  Albeit some more so than others.  

But with this we also see just how insignificant humans are in relation to the scale of Earth, yet we really know how to do some fucking damage.

Cities in order of appearance - Jaipur, India - La Plata, Argentina - Palmanova, Italy - Brasilia, Brazil.

(Source: Wired)

Narrated by the late philosopher Alan Watts.

What makes you itch..?  It’s the answer to this that will truly shape the lives we live, the way we act, talk, eat and in the end, find the happiness - satisfaction, that we are ultimately all longing for, but, have simply forgotten to think of asking ourselves.

We need more philosophers in the world today.